New Site, New Year

Hey friends,

Welcome to the new site for the year of 2020. I'm excited to announce that I am releasing my first single with Patrick Tully on January 15th, 2020. Patrick has been working with The Chainsmokers for the past few years, and I am so excited to work with someone of his caliber. As you probably are already aware, I love jazz, big band and most of all I love jazz standards. They're romantic, there is complexity in their composition, and the melodies are beautiful. Patrick is also a big lover of jazz standards, so we will be releasing one jazz standard a month from his studio for the next few months. We want to gain some new followers on the big streaming services, and hopefully develop enough attention, so we could justify making a big band album. We will need your help! When each recording goes live, please share with your friends and family if you like it. If you do not like it, let me know why and we will fix it whatever we need on our next recording. My priority is making sure your ears and hearts are pleased. Cheers to good things for the year of 2020! I hope to help fill your year with joy and good vibes.

With gratitude,

Luke Carlsen


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